About Me

I started programming during high school when I became tired of doing repetitive math problems. My first programs, written for the TI-84, helped at least two students pass geometry. When XNA became popular, I picked up game programming in C#. Of course, I didn’t have the math or architecture background to make anything quality but it was good experience.

After high school, I moved to San Luis Obispo to study computer science at California Polytechnic State University. The first few years were humbling. I trailed in many classes until studying high-performance computing. I found my strengths in software architecture and parallel computing. I wrote an operating system, compiler front-end, and UEFI platform for a coprocessor using C++ and assembly where necessary.

I graduated in 2017 and worked in after-school care doing IT and teaching coding to kids. I enjoy traveling and have visited more than a dozen countries and all seven continents. It’s opened my mind to see how many cultures live and surreal to explore some remote parts of the world.

Hey, that's me!